Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gothica Gothique's 1 Year Anniversary and Giveaway Contest

The first available post on Gothica Gothique was posted One Year Ago! In celebration, I am holding a giveaway contest. You, yes, you, could win the following prize and turn your whole life around:

The life-changing item is a new, never-opened package of Cemeteries: A Note Card Series (retails for $10.50 on Amazon and the Emporium Gothica.) The ad copy boasts that they are "Perfect for that end-of-relationship parting gift, that middle-aged birthday card, "wish you were here" greeting, as a "get well soon" card for that special person, or as a gift for those who just love hanging out in cemeteries." Features beautiful, haunting images from world famous graveyards like Père Lachaise and St. Louis #1.

How to win this fantastic prize: Link to this blog ( http://emporiumgothica.blogspot.com ) from any publicly viewable webpage or blog you have. After creating this link, proceed back here and leave a comment on this post only in which you include the address of the page where you've left the link, and an email address where you can be contacted in case you win.
You may enter multiple times by posting multiple links, but please keep the links only to pages and sites which you personally have power and authority over (id est, don't go spamming other people's forums or comment boxes with links back here. I won't count those.)

Rules and Exclusions: Prize is for one box of Cemeteries: A Note Card Series, given unopened and as-is. US residents only please (sorry, I don't want to risk having to pay $40 in shipping and customs fees to mail the cards to Dirkadirkastan.) Contest is open from 12:01 AM April 10, 2012 until 11:59 PM May 10th, 2012, Mountain Time. The specified page and the link must remain available at least until the end time of the contest. Winner will be chosen at random by my writing out all the entries on small pieces of paper and putting them into one of these.

Have fun with the contest! And remember, all you need to post is a link to Gothica Gothique -- you can say whatever else you want about the site.

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