Friday, April 6, 2012

Eyeliner for Goths Who Need Lots of Eyeliner

Recently on a trip to Sephora I was looking through the black eyeliner (of course) trying to find a liquid eyeliner that would stay put and not crackle around the edges of my eyelids after 20 minutes. I tested out various types, and there was one liquid eyeliner that stayed completely put through all kinds of rubbing and scraping:


Amazingly though, even the Stila pencil liner stayed in place through nearly as much picking and rubbing! I've never seen a pencil liner that stayed on so well.

The only trouble with the Stila liquid liner is it's a little thin, so it can soak into any wrinkles around your eyes if you aren't careful (and obviously, it's a pain to get off again if you make a mistake.) Might not be good if you're the sort of Goth who likes to draw a lot of fancy shapes.

There is also a post at Adora BatBrat reviewing various Goth eyeliners, but, they come from foreign sources so the brands and formulations are not always ones easy to get in the US.

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