Sunday, March 4, 2012

This Is Goth CD

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Great bunch of stuff
By A Customer
I just got this album yesterday and only have made through about the first disk and some of the second disk but from what I have heard, this is a great compilation. So far my favirotes on this cd is Inkubus Sukkubus, I really love the girls voice on this song. I also liked Razed in Blacks song, Switchblade Symphony and the Mission U.k. song. With this cd you get a lot of songs, 36, for a really great price! So pick this one if you are a goth fan or if you are new and what to check out what the music is like!

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What are you reviewing?!?
By Jenn-y
I have no idea what techno CD these people are reviewing, but it is definately not this one. Almost every song on this compilation is standard fare on most other compilations. If you listen to Nazarene, Walking on your Hands, Pagan Love Song, Ignore the Machine, Snake Dance, Thalia, Witches, or Spiritual Cramp and you think they are techno, then you've got something wrong with your head. There are several songs with a 'techno' flavour, absolutely, but they are still quite goth. What makes the genre so great is that it's not brutally standardized, like many others are. There is great diversity in goth music, and this covers most of that diversity, though not quite all, unfortunately.

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This IS Goth!
By Sinister
Cradle of Filth!!! Cradle is about as Goth as my grandmother. This cd IS goth in a nice layed out way, too. It has all the requirements I would have for a goth CD, except maybe they could've sneaked in a few more of the older bands like Bauhaus, SoM, or Banshee.

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