Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Goth Popularity Contest

Wow! This blog will be a year old soon enough. Thanks to all those who've supported this madness so far!

Interestingly, these links which follow have been some of this goth blog's most popular stories to date:

St. Trinian's. Cartoons of some naughty schoolgirls.
Goth Breakup Lines. The prefect words to get rid of your unwanted lover.
Gothic Fairies. Not your grandma's fairy figurines.
Just Call It Steampunk. A woefully accurate song about the state of Steampunk.
Gothic Love. Gothic dating website information.
Elizabeth Bathory. The murderous aristocrat, sometimes compared to a female Dracula.
Goth Problems. A comical collection of issues it seems only the Gothic have to deal with.

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