Friday, December 23, 2011

"The Worst Movie Ever Made" III

As we've shown before, many films have the dishonor to be called by someone "the worst movie ever made." Few have actually won formal awards for such. Today we shall examine one of those rare few.

Plan 9 From Outer Space was actually an early zombie movie, back in the days when zombies were specifically considered a subject relating to Voodoo practices in the Carribean area. ("ghouls" is how they're referred to in the film.) And if zombies isn't enough for you, it also has aliens! And Bela Lugosi is in it! Sounds awesome, right? Well, if you're saying that, then you've obviously never seen this film.

Bela Lugosi and Plan 9's notorious director, Edward D. Wood, had been friends. When Lugosi died in 1956, Wood still had a few minutes of footage he'd filmed of Lugosi wearing his vampire cape, and cleverly figured out that if he could just get a body double to fill out the rest of Lugosi's role, and composed the whole story around the idea of a Bela Lugosi who wouldn't have to talk or show his face.

The plot ultimately concerns a group of aliens who want to stop some new bomb-making technology from being utilized on Earth. (We don't actually learn this till the movie's almost over, but the film makes even less sense without this context.) Their plan for this is to bring up zombies to create chaos. Or something. They call it "Plan 9" in any case. Lugosi's body double is one of the zombies, and roams through the scenes posed with his arm over his face so you can't see him.

The 1980 book The Golden Turkey Awards had a contest for people to write in and vote what was the worst movie ever. Plan 9 won by a long shot.

5.0 out of 5 stars Fun, classic "worst ever" movie plus Mike Nelson humor make a great DVD., April 26, 2006
By Valnastar "Man With No Name" (Deep 13, USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Plan 9 From Outer Space (Colorized) (DVD)
Plan 9 From Outer Space is often called the worst movie ever made, but its entertainment value elevates it above many other films, even some of better quality. The plot moves along nicely and has little to no padding in it and the dialog and special effects are hilarious even if that was not the intent of the director, Ed Wood. Everyone who loves cinema should see this movie! The wobbly flying saucers on single strings, Swedish wrestler turned actor Tor Johnson, Bela Lugosi in his last role, Vampira and more make this an unforgettable film. It's so bad it's great. Sadly, the great Bela Lugosi died during filming, so look for Bela Lugosi's replacement in some scenes. He's not hard to spot as he is taller and looks nothing like Mr. Lugosi, hence he holds a cape in front of his face in every scene in which he appears!

Plan 9 was never properly copyrighted, and so is now in the public domain. You can actually watch the entire movie Plan 9 From Outer Space online for free by clicking here. Due to its public domain status, however, there are about a half dozen different editions available for purchase, too.

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