Friday, December 30, 2011

How to Get Lighter Skin: A Gothic Guide

Care and Maintenance

use something gentle on the face, but for body, a loofa is super. slough off the dead stuff and let in the living. if you're naturally pale but dealing with getting rid of a tan, this is very important. much enjoyed by pale goths is St. Ives' Apricot Scrub.

hair removal
also if you are naturally fair and trying to get rid of a tan, the method in which you shave (legs and whatnot) can affect it. shaving and using those nifty little sanding-mitt things will help the pallor, while threading, waxing, and nair will likely do nothing.

(anyone want to recommend some good ones, press the little spooky mail button at the bottom of the screen.) i like Banana Boat Faces, spf 45 i believe. not too greasy for use on face, but best for arms and throat. also,a really yummy citrus smelling one is Ocean Potion Total Sunblock 30.. it's everything-proof and everything-free. it goes on shiny looking, but it soaks in and loses the shine quickly, and doesnt have to be re-applied all the time.

floppy straw hats seem to be the favourite. they do come in black, and one could decorate with evil feathers, dark ribbons, black silk flowers, beads, etc. (maybe this belongs under gawthkrafte!)

very fashionable. dont worry about being made fun of, most often parasol-carrying goths get compliments, and the sort of class that goes along with wearing gloves, or a corset... that out-of-place, but still beautiful stuff... they start at about 3 or 4 bucks for rice paper parasols in china town. import stores often carry them in assorted colours and shapes. for a higher price, you can find them in lace, or other nifty fabrics... im looking for places that do them custom... (anyone?)

long sleeves!
i know it's hard, but think about it... hot desert cultures use layers of loose fitting clothes to keep in the cool... eh eh eh? the less of you that sees the sun, the less of you that has to absorb it!

This is from the page Gawth Pallor, a skin lightening recipe guide with a gothic focus. Looking for that Nosferatu-white shade of skin? Now you have some help in getting there. There is also a skin lightening shop for those who'd rather put their trust in the advances of modern chemistry. I've tried a few of the skin lightening recipes, certain ones work better than others I'd say - but they are interesting to brew up, if nothing else!

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