Sunday, August 14, 2011

Vampires, Goths and Ghouls Love Weddings in Las Vegas


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It seems only appropriate as “New Moon,” the latest installment in the Twilight movie series continues to bring fans into the theaters that I talk about my wife and our perfect Las Vegas wedding.

We’re both huge fans of the whole vampire genre. I’ve been immersed in it since first reading Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” way back in public school. I considered having prosthetic fangs glued onto my teeth when I went through my rebellious teen phase, but quickly realized that was a path that could only end in schoolyard beatings, so I opted to remain undercover. I met my (future) wife at a goth-themed dance party in college. Bauhaus was playing “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” when I first asked her out. She was more a true Goth than a vampire fan back then, but she’s switched sides so to speak, after getting hooked on Stephenie Meyers’ “Twilight” book series. When I proposed to her, one of the first things we talked about was having a wedding that reflected our interests and how weddings in Las Vegas always seemed to be the way to go when looking for a ceremony that’s off the beaten track.

When we looked into the possibility of a Los Vegas wedding, we were a little worried that our particular theme might not be something they could deal with. I mean, we’ve all seen the Elvis-themed wedding in Las Vegas, but I wasn’t sure that the undead would be something any of the chapels would be comfortable in handling. Turns out that I was wrong. When we checked out, we found that they offered packages designed around everything from the Blues Brothers to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and they had exactly the one we were hoping for: When Vampires Fly.

Most of our friends and family had never been to Nevada before and they were thrilled to be going to Vegas. It’s hard to beat the weather they get there and no one needs to be told about the entertainment that’s available if you’re going to weddings in Los Vegas. The ceremony itself was perfect. The chapel supplied a minister in costume as a vampire, the music was suitably creepy and the package included a pair of female vampires who rose from the grave during the ceremony and flew into the air together! Of course the place was full of tombstones, eerie lighting and loads of fog, so a suitably chilling atmosphere was created. After what we experienced and the comments we received from our guests, I have to say that Los Vegas weddings are the way to go.

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Kyle Ward (aka Lord Ward) is a vampire enthusiast who married in a Las Vegas wedding ceremony specially designed to appeal to fans of the macabre. Kyle blogged about his experience, including the flying vampires who rose from the grave during their vows, pointing out that no-one else does spectacle and effects like Las Vegas wedding packages can offer.

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