Thursday, June 30, 2011

Quack Remedies: Vin Mariani

(On Mariani Wine or Vin Mariani: a concoction of wine and cocaine that was once much beloved for its, ahem, "stimulating properties.")

Mariani Wine quickly restores health, strength, energy and vitality. Mariani Wine fortifies, strengthens, stimulates and refreshes the body and brain. Hastens convalescence, especially after influenza. His Holiness the Pope writes that he has fully appreciated benificent effects of this tonic wine, and has forwarded to Mr. Mariani as a token of his gratitude a gold medal bearing his august effigy.

For body and brain. Since thirty years all eminent physicians recommend Vin Mariani, the original French coca wine; most popularly used stimulant in hospitals, public and religious institutions everywhere. Nourshes - Fortifies - Refreshes. Strengthens entire system; most agreeable. Effective and lasting renovator of the vital forces. Every test strictly on its own merits will prove its exceptional reputation. Palatable as choices old wines.

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