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Unique Steampunk Wedding Drinks


Lisa Wilson Otto

Creating unique table pieces for your steampunk or alternative-theme wedding can be a challenge. You want to do something original, something that will leave a statement. You may also want to create something useful and eye- catching.  How about creating a ‘black tincture\' drink that will turn heads, draw lots of ‘oohs and ahhs\' and ‘what the heck is this stuff\' from your guests? Steampunk wedding drinks should fit the theme and feel of the atmosphere you\'re creating!

An alternative to traditional wine or champagne is to upcycle used jars or bottles and fill them with ‘black tincture\'. Gather sturdy, washed mason jars, old wine or alcohol bottles or any jars and bottles of your choice. Ensure they have tops or that you can get tops for them. Depending on the size of your guest tables and amount of guests you\'re expecting, you may need two to four jars or bottles of ‘black tincture\' per table.

Your ‘black tincture\' drinks can be made a variety of ways. You may choose alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. One fun recipe mixes one envelop each unsweetened grape and orange drink mixes, two cups white sugar and three quarts cold water. Blend until drink mix and sugar are dissolved. You\'ll end up with a sweet, black/purple drink. For a ‘black tincture\' cocktail, combine one bottle vodka, seven to eight cups orange juice and a two liter bottle of Dr. Pepper soda. Combine well; the mixture will appear more brown than black. To darken, add several drops of black food coloring and mix well.

Once you\'ve created your own ‘black tincture\', fill bottles and jars with it. To complete your theme, add a steampunk-theme Poison label to each jar or bottle. A vintage, grubby label makes your idea here really pop and come to life.

To decorate your table, set out your completed ‘black tincture\' jars and bottles along with drink glasses of your choice. Enjoy and have a giggle or two at the reaction of your guests!



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