Friday, April 29, 2011

The Devil -- He's on my Shoulder!!!

Been listening to Devil On My Shoulder by Transvaal Diamond Syndicateall morning. It makes everything just that little bit sweeter. Check it out, you usually have to pay for music this good!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Buy a Banned Book - Fight Censorship of Knowledge!

Author: Talia

Books usually are banned, censored or challenged with the best intentions—to protect others, frequently children, from ideas and information which may be considered harmful or difficult to process. Sex, religion, race-relations and politics are often the motives behind book banning and censoring.

Censorship can be subtle or it can be blatant and overt; but it is always, nonetheless, harmful. One person's "immoral subject matter" may be needful information to another person. Material that promotes one religion may by necessity disparage another (for example, Satanist literature vs. Christian literature) and who is really to say which one is the right one? As John Stuart Mill wrote in On Liberty:

If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind. Were an opinion a personal possession of no value except to the owner; if to be obstructed in the enjoyment of it were simply a private injury, it would make some difference whether the injury was inflicted only on a few persons or on many. But the peculiar evil of silencing the expression of an opinion is, that it is robbing the human race; posterity as well as the existing generation; those who dissent from the opinion, still more than those who hold it. If the opinion is right, they are deprived of the opportunity of exchanging error for truth: if wrong, they lose, what is almost as great a benefit, the clearer perception and livelier impression of truth, produced by its collision with error.

Should a book be banned merely because it might be able to lead someone's thoughts astray? Unfortunately, many governments, religions and even schools, libraries and towns think 'yes, they should be banned.' Works by prize-winning authors have been banned; sometimes these banned books are released at a later time, once morals have changed. Works like Fanny Hill fall into this category: it was felt to be an immoral work and was forbidden from being published for over 200 years, till finally in the 1960s it was determined that a sexually explicit book did not render it to be a work without merit, and finally it was allowed to be printed openly in English speaking countries. The Marriage of Figaro was full of outspoken political messages, most of which are still somewhat pertinent today; it was blamed as a cause of the French Revolution and was banned in many countries around the world. Even modern works like Harry Potter, The Da Vinci Code and American Psycho have been banned in some areas.

Imagine how many more books might be challenged—and possibly banned or restricted—if people did not read the banned or challenged books in order to teach the importance of our First Amendment rights and the power of literature, and to draw attention to the danger that exists when restraints are imposed on the availability of books and their information in a free society.

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The World of Banned Books offers many banned, censored, challenged and repressed books from a variety of eras. Buy a banned book today -- fight the censorship of information!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Goth Fashion Guide

Author: dandan

The Gothic fashion is actually commonly identified for its various and unapologetic view of wonder. To have a real Gothic appearance, the important thing to keep in mind is the fact that one of the most important aspects of Gothic fashion is actually the accessories. You will find many accessories commonly widespread in the Gothic lifestyle fashion. A great suggestion to consider is the fact that romantic, religious, as well as dreadful symbolisms are the classical features in lots of Gothic styles.

Footwear is a well-liked Gothic apparel. Many Goths choose black leather-based boots, especially those with a post-punk or death rocker style. Harley-Davidson boot styles, both equally for women and men, certainly are a fairly well-liked brand. People who choose an even more romantic, Victorian kind of Gothic look pick high-heeled shoes.

Jewelry is the one other popular Gothic accessories. Silver jewelry is actually popular for body or even faces piercings. Face piercings range from the eyebrow, nose, lips, and also certainly the ears. But, you should keep in mind that you ought to only get piercings if you're certain you want them, and are not really exclusively affected or forced by your people. Some other well-known jewelries, like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and also rings. The style of the jewelry pieces vary from traditional stones, gems, crosses as well as other designs, to angels, spiders, bats, and many more. Black gemstones are mainly popular amongst Gothic accessories lovers.

Some other Gothic accessories like laced or even velvet gloves are well-liked amongst the Victorian style Goths. You can even find Gothic style chains, wallets, brooches, and so on. Several also use crowns, tiaras, as well as hats for head accessories. Belts with skull belt buckles as well as other emblems and imagery will also widespread.

Alternative Body Jewlery

The one thing to consider is the fact that Gothic style embraces dark symbols, icons, and visuals. You'll find just like many hair hooks with eight-legged spiders as you may see hair pins with heavy, red-colored, gorgeous gems in Gothic accessories. Sometimes walking canes tend to be topped with silver skulls. Wallet chains already have razor blades. Buttons and cufflinks for men are designed as roses, bats, skulls, and more. Bracelets can vary from getting iconic pentagrams, to bleeding roses and hearts. Today, Gothic clothing's fashion has brought on the completely new level. Up-to-date Gothic apparel involves revolutionary masterpieces like Gothic cellular phone covers, I-pod docks, clocks, stickers, and so on.

There are various Gothic apparels obtainable almost everywhere. You may also make your personal with some simple addendums to your apparel. The main thing to consider is to have a great time and enjoy the imagination.

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DanDan594 has been writing on a variety of subjects for many years and has help provide proffesional content for a number of leading website.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

'Tis Pity She's a Whore

Annabella is the most beautiful girl in Parma. Unfortunately, the only man that interests her is her brother. The affection is mutual; but this unholy lust will lead to the downfall of an entire family. This edition is illustrated with several black and white pictures.

This five-act tragedy by John Ford, was first performed sometime between 1629 and 1633 and published in 1633. The story concerns the incestuous love of Giovanni and his sister Annabella. When she is found to be pregnant, she agrees to marry her suitor Soranzo; the lovers' secret is discovered, but Soranzo's plan for revenge is outpaced by Giovanni's murder of Annabella and then Soranzo, and Giovanni himself is murdered by Soranzo's hired killers. The play exhibits an eloquent and glowing sympathy for the lovers, despite the unlawful nature of their union. -- The Merriam-Webster Encyclopedia of Literature

"We shall have time to talk at large of all; But never yet Incest and murder have so strangely met. Of one so young, so rich in nature's store, Who could not say, 'TIS PITY SHE'S A WHORE?"

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gothic Clothing - The Gothic Love for New Fashion

Author: Gothic Love

Ever since the modern society has existed people always tried to label each other by their appearance. In the early days of the gothic subculture, the members wear that gothic clothing to be different from the mainstream. Most of the gothic people paid the price not only for the gothic clothing but also for being out of the mainstream. Today, the situation is very different because the gothic subculture and its music and fashion become more and more popular.

The best place to find cool gothic clothing is not on the high fashion stores but on the small corner shops where you can find really unique clothes – some of them are real vintage. Every one can buy gothic clothing and there are also great prices on online gothic stores at the web, but when you create your own gothic clothing you can really express your unique personality.

Beside that, making your own gothic clothing is easy and fun, if you are a real artist that love to do al kinds of crafts than you should not have any problem and it will come to you naturally. Gothic people don’t hide their believes and feelings behind their dark clothes, they express in on with the gothic clothing. For example if you are a sad poet, you might write your poetry in white color over a black shirt, if you like to photograph macabre landscapes than you can print it on your pants and so on and on. the gothic ideas are just endless. And I can assure you that in this way no one will be able to copy your clothing.

There are many different reason why people have chosen to live in the gothic subculture, some love the external image of clothing, make up and music; other has a deeper meaning and life philosophy. But when the deep meaning meets the fashion the gothic clothing are more unique it`s the gothic love for a new fashion !

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gothic clothing - the Gothic love for new fashion.

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